Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 198: My Birthday

July 7th, 2012
I love when the time is my birthday.  November 23rd. :)

Day 197: The Big Cut

July 6th, 2012
Well I did it.  Cut off 12 inches of my hair.  It feels so liberating and I LOVE IT. 

Day 196: Beautiful Day

July 5th, 2012
This is me and Alaina in a pretty mountain area above SLC. We went up to take pictures of my long hair before I cut it all off. (If anyone asks, we were not in middle of the road.)

Day 195: Freedom, Independence, Liberty

July 4th, 2012
I could have posted a picture of a really pretty, bright firework.  But I really like the way the firework is fuzzy.  So HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Day 194: Lemonade on a hot summer day

July 3rd, 2012
Brayden loves to smile while drinking lemonade from the lemonade stand.  That big puffy thing behind that house that looks like a cloud? That's the smoke from the fire in Alpine.  Utah is literally on fire.

Day 193: A ball of cheese

July 2nd, 2012
I have a secret. I am in love with the moon.

Day 192: This is Me

July 1st, 2012
Hello, my name is Bekah Boyd and I do take pictures of myself sometimes.  This was one of those times.